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Welcome to the Tin Cup Cafe Dot Com.

Looking for the best diet plans for weight loss?
Look behind you. History has the best diet plans for weight loss.

In these pages we will take a look back to a time when the planet was clean, the water was pure, and the food was fresh and free of dangerous chemicals. Life wasn't easy back then and there were trying and difficult times, but the tragedy that our profit based industrialized agriculture has wreaked on our food supply had barely begun. There were hard times all around and many diseases that now have a cure, but the pure poison that our foods have become was not a problem way back then.

Scroll down and click on the articles below for an eye opening discussion on today's tragic food situation and investigate with me solutions that may help keep us and our children healthy and alive.

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Are the animals we eat today the same ones we ate 160 years ago?

Were Diets Really Better In The 1800`s ?

Do Our Genes Determine What We Can Eat?

The List Of Whole Grain Foods Part One
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