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History has the best diet plans for weight loss

Looking for the best diet plans for weight loss?


Look behind you.

History has the best diet plans for weight loss.

There is a popular movie named "Tin Cup" which is about golf. This blog isn't about movies or golf. Instead it's about a time gone by, an era when the average man and woman, too poor to afford fine china and silver, ate from tinware, tin plates, tin cookware, tin utensils, and of course, tin cups.

More pills, fewer cures.

No, I don't want to go back to those times, they were hard times. What I'd like to do instead is to bring forward from that era something that is lost in ours. In the present now we have more food than we can eat (in the developed world, there still exists much starvation on the planet). There are more diets to choose from (although many contradict each others nutritional advice). There are more medical treatments than you can count (treatments, yes, but few if any cures).

It seems in this industrialized age that we have lost our way. We get more bushels per acre from industrialized farming than ever before, but with less nutrition. We get more medical treatments, usually a pill, with names too numerous to count, much less pronounce, but disease and other ailments are increasing.

Something isn't right. With high technology farming, pharmaceuticals, and medical procedures disease should be rare, food should have enhanced nutrition, and feed the whole world, not just the lucky few. That isn't what's happening. Our world, unfortunately, seems to be headed in entirely the wrong direction.

As our food sources become less nutritious, even toxic, we keep looking ahead for the best diet plans for weight loss. Maybe the the best online diet program is not ahead of us. Maybe its always been there, behind us, in the past; forgotten.

Your great great great great grandparents were not thin because they were poor. They had lean healthy bodies because the ate the right stuff in the right amounts and got lots of exercise. The 19th century diet may not be the best diet plans for fast weight loss, but time wasn't such a strict task master back then. Give it a little time. Loosing weight too quickly can do more harm than good.

Oh there were some famous fat people back then including some of the US presidents and royalty in other countries. The were the rich, the elite, and they ate the worst possible foods filled with the newly formulated white flour and dripping with sugar. The average Joe didn't have access to these fancy foods and as a result were much healthier.

This blog is actually an online see it happen while it's happening research paper. I will examine the history of the (de)evolution of both nutrition and medicine and try to find the common denominators that make sense, that tell the story of what has happened, and is happening. I will examine many of the conspiracy theories, debunking some, and expanding others. In this learning process we will discover which products, which supplements, and which recipes have the best footing in our history, and in our future.

I've just begun the research and so far it seems that History does indeed have the best diet plan for weight loss. History also has the best diet plan for health. It would seem, given the heavy workload our fore-fathers (and fore-mothers) did on a daily basis it would seem that history has the best diet plan for sports as well.

It is a lot of work. The amount of data is immense. So this will take years. Little by little though, I hope to find the truth, and tell it in a way that is both accurate and compelling.

Thanks for visiting this page. If there is anything that you might want to add to the story, just leave a comment.

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